Why Get Pre-Qualified?

I strongly recommend that all buyers get pre-qualified before doing any new home shopping. It not only benefits you, but also your agent and the seller of the property you eventually choose to purchase.

Reasons to get pre-qualified:

  • It lets you know how much you can afford.
  • It allows you to determine which loan programs fit your needs and which programs you qualify for.
  • You will know your approximate monthly payment. This will allow you to budget your money before making the investment.
  • You will know your approximate down payment and what closing costs will be.
  • It allows your agent to spend more time looking for houses in your price range.
  • Your agent will have a stronger position when presenting an offer on the property you choose.
  • The seller of the property you choose will know that you are a serious buyer and prepared to enter into an agreement.
  • You are in a better position if a seller receives multiple offers.